@LucyLiu  #tonyawards can’t believe I hv to sit next to this bitch

@LucyLiu  #tonyawards can’t believe I hv to sit next to this bitch

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@LucyLiu  times are tough #Elementary @jonnyjlm


@LucyLiu  times are tough #Elementary @jonnyjlm

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I love celebrity encounters. The best was in a hotel in London.

I was in the lobby and saw Lucy Liu. She’s, like, this tall. She looked up at me and saw a tag sticking out the back of my sweater. She reached up, tucked it in, and said, ‘Now you’re perfect.’

I would die on a battlefield for Lucy Liu.


Canadian novelist Douglas Coupland on dying for Lucy Liu.

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What was the first thing you guys noticed about each other when you first started working together?

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“I’m not just saying this because I work with him… I just think that Jonny is doing such an amazing job.” - Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Lucy Liu photographed by Annie Leibovitz

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Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller for TV Guide Magazine

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