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I will never get over this gif.

I won’t get over the fact that this wasn’t scripted.

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Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love deleted scene

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rachel berry in competition performances

GLEE AU: In a discussion about Kurt, Tony thinks it’s best for his son to stop beating around the bush and if he won’t do it, Mr. Stark doesn’t mind stepping in. Blaine however feels that if that’s the case, they should probably talk about the overwhelming amount of sexual tension between Tony and Captain America which both Kurt and Blaine have unfortunately noticed.

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glee rewatch → 1x07

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Top 10 Favorite Fictional Characters → #09. Rachel Berry (Glee)

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it was lost long ago
but it’s all coming back to me

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It’s so hard to believe but It’s all coming back to me

It’s so hard to believe but
It’s all coming back to me