first dress

first dress

my kingdom for that first dress

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Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2014

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Ancient Greek black figure pottery-inspired nails, featuring Theseus facing the Minotaur on one hand, and Oedipus pondering the riddle of the Sphinx on the other. Matte finish for an extra pottery-ish look!

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The Solar System Necklace from the BeautySpot Etsy store.

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ok but

custom underwear



Ugh why are you so perfect


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We were bored today so my sister looked up hairstyles on youtube and she did my hair while I played Ico lol. Neat right? I haven’t dyed my hair for 3 months :(
(Click the pictures to see the names of the braids) 

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The 10 Best Damn Lip Products Ever (for everybody) 


1.  image

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red (13.00, Sephora) Perfect true red for any skin color. I don’t care if you are purple, you will look good in this lipstick. AND! AND! It stays on all effing day. I wore this sassy lil bitch throughout Thanksgiving Dinner when I forcefed myself mashed potatoes and freebased stuffing and this shit hung ON. I have gotten ASS drunk in this and my eyes look like 2 raccoon eyes and my lips look flawless. This thing is a miracle.

2. image
Mac Rebel (15.00, Macy’s) This is the sexiest. It smells like vanilla and looks like you’ve rubbed berries all over your mouth or just drank wine. Doesn’t dry your lips out and looks great on all skin tones: dark and olive skin with Rebel makes you look like you’re one of those Fall-Loving Girls who shops at Anthro and knits scarves and is just so chic. Lighter skin and you are bound to look like Lorde at a damn tea-party. All who wear look like they are rolling around in leaves and celebrating the fall time in really nice boots.

3. image
Mac Cyber (15.00, Macy’s) CONGRATS you have been crowned the New Supreme. This is the kind of lipstick that takes some confidence to put on and leave the house with, but once you do it is so worth it. It makes you look and feel like you eat men’s hearts, have ravens for pets, and maybe you are the devil. I want to descend from chandeliers in this lipstick. I wear this when I want to feel like a sex demon.

4. image
Too-Faced Beaty Balm Lip Injections in Never Enough Nude (21.00, Sephora) Do you remember when you were 14 and first stepped into Sephora and kept rubbing that lip venom all over yourself and your friends and it hurt ? That world is BACK baby! This time in a super moisturizing lip balm that actually has a really nice color to it and doesn’t look glossy or overly botoxy. I chose nude, which is a universal color if you’re not very olive or darker. If you are darker-toned, I would suggest the berry or pink color they sell. Still! The point is this lip balm makes your lips freak out and explode and tingle without drying them out. Seriously. You will look like Meghan Fox after she goes to the…dr. Your lips EXPLODE! I felt very French and also maybe very Vegas. Just don’t put this anywhere else on your body or you’ll look like you maybe have leprosy. And super sexy lips! Note: It burns.

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Perfect weather to wear this right now! #tolkien #rohanroughriders #lordoftherings #lotr #rohan #diy #geekculture


Perfect weather to wear this right now! #tolkien #rohanroughriders #lordoftherings #lotr #rohan #diy #geekculture

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Japanese/Brazilian mixed model Hideo Muraoka

this might be literally the most attractive human i’ve ever seen.



Japanese/Brazilian mixed model Hideo Muraoka

this might be literally the most attractive human i’ve ever seen.

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